Juvenis Bourbons recipe was created in Sweden but due to the regulations behind what can be called Bourbon it is distilled and aged at our partner distillery in the USA. The white dog is extremely high in corn and is barreled at 58,5 percent abv, after 6 months of aging in new age oak barrels it is shipped over to Gotland in Sweden where with the help of Gotlands high Kalk water it is mixed down to 45 percent abv.


Not only did we create a beautiful product, our unique selling point is actually the value we try to create for our customers. We believe that mind and body should be safe and sound before drinking. With that said, we have always said that staying active and living a healthy lifestyle is something we want our customers to make sure that they and their employees strive for.

If you are working night time, studies have shown you are more likely to suffer from mental illness rather than health working during daytime. As a result, we offer to our existing clients free mental advising. Our industry can be toxic, and we want to help to change that in the maximum capacity we can.