Just a few of our partners:


Everyone needs the golden goat in their bar. We deliver worldwide to all different types of restaurants, bars and nightclubs that share our values.

Partnering with us is not only getting another Bourbon on your shelf. Partnering with us is becoming a part of the Juvenis Family. We love to have fun and drink Bourbon, but we also know the importance of taking care of your mind and body.

Perks of partnering with us:
- We offer, free of charge, psychologist sessions with our KBT partner completely anonymously to all our partners.
- We continuously sponsor our partners with joining us to sports events such as Tough Viking, races, competitions etc.
- Always a personal contact with us to ensure smooth deliveries and good relationships.


Bea, our Chief of Operations, is ready to help you take your drink list to the next level. Feel free to contact her about your reseller-opportunities.

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